Superman Is Dead - Psycho(Fake)

Without smile, through these eyes you look so fake
In the name of attention, you drag people in your way
With a thousand promises, hiding your life behind your lies
And then what you wanna do if your target turns to me...

Well fashioned as pretender, you leave your real world behind
Never think where you stand, you turn yourself (to)

Mentally locked to disco
Not be differ you wanna be
Mentally locked to disco
I don't know where you will go

Hard to be the one, who took things bit too strong?
Then create your unreal mind where you eat those fakes a lot
I bet you won't even say a word that sounds so smart to me
Surrender to your emotion, you will find what's going on

That won't make me wanna kill you
I will stay in my line where's my faith have to stand

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