Opini Dari Barat (Superman Is Dead)

Opini Dari Barat (Superman Is Dead)

Opini Dari Barat Tentang Superman Is Dead

Sheriann Bricknell:
I'm sure this would be a great convo if I could understand what in the hell y'all were saying. S.I.D, just an FYI... if you want to be internationally famous, you might want to post in English, as most people speak it, regardless of country of origin.

Thanx for ur concern. We know who we are and we know the politics of international showbiz. Not only u have to speak English, but there's more than that. So far, whatever we achieved, is more like the results from our retribution which is to bring our country's name 'out there'.

We have no intention to be the next U2 but we're happy enough to -at least- let people out there knows that Indonesia's not such a bad country where its citizen living in fear inside a mono-cultural nightmare. Cheers!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/notes/superman-is-dead/opini-dari-barat/454100480588

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