Superman Is Dead Break Into US Billboard Chart

Photo courtesy of Superman Is Dead

The American music magazine Billboard has just introduced a new ‘Unchartered’ chart section. It is, according to their press release, a weekly ranking of emerging artists who have yet to appear on a major Billboard chart, but are a mapping new territory in online fan engagement.
With their 1.6 million fans on Facebook, the punk rock band from Bali, Superman Is Dead have reached no. 23. According to Rolling Stone Indonesia, they are the first Indonesian band to appear on Uncharted, and the second ever in Indonesian music history to make it into Billboard after Anggun, who reached no. 22 with “Snow on Sahara” in September 1998.
Uncharted artists are ranked by Heat Score—a formula incorporating that weeks streamed plays, page views and fans according MySpace Music, as well as sources tracked by online aggregator Next Big Sound, which include YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

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