Hero Was Die - My Lady Angel

When someone given the freedom
So easy them act multiply at will
When someone given a reply
It's time to hiding in false millions forgiveness

Act continue with bring a mask
Moving to and fro without realizing the other
Eliminate the trust which he held
Satisfaction  that continues to flow in the himself

Will not be pain that is always dripping in mind
Resentment and hate getting looks covered by patience and sincere
So crushed when smile released and pent

Ooooo   never sad again
Face is always beautiful and radiant
No black at  her heart
Privilege in the her self

None of that like her
Courage and sadness fused within her
Lovely wings taking shape
Lady angel will never disappear

Hard for the feel what she feels
The bitter pain forever saved
But sunny day was waiting
Smile that has been disappear today becomes the real
And belive the wishes and hope that come in later when

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