DEVILDICE's National Television Debut: Only Football Can Stop Them!

@DEVILDICE on @RadioShow_tvOne

My favourite local band finally made it to mainstream television by doing a live performance at tvOne’s Radio Show last night (1/5).

Born and bred in the the paradise island of Bali, the boys wowed the audience by kicking the show with a harder take of Godfather theme. The one and a half hour show was filled with their hit songs, with ‘Land of No Angels’ and ‘Palace of My Own Disgrace’ as the starting points where my feelings started to get carried away in its catchy melancholy. Yes, catchy melancholy. An oxymoron which best describes a catchy punk-rock tune with lyrics that mirrored your own personal life, so deep you started to bow your head and sigh. But your sense of humour is strong enough that you do not see the need to cry.


They also covered a ballad by Social Distortion 'Angel's Wings' and the classic ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ —in their own signature style, of course. I wonder where I can get a copy of these cover versions… I think they should consider releasing an album especially for it, you know? I always consider a well-built cover version as an art form of its own.

What was planned to be a 13-track show is cut off to 11-track, because a live football match was going to start soon and disrupting it would be as serious as committing religious blasphemy, so yeah. But it was still impressive though. I am not sure which one impressed me more; the performance itself or tvOne’s brave move for adding a non-mainstream punk-rock band to perform on its show. I have never been a fan of the channel but this time I have to say that they had made my dream came true. Kudos for that.

(Thank you, @FakhruoutSIDer, for uploading the video to youtube)

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