No Man's Land - The Best Of 1994-2012

Indonesia is a country with a fast growing punk and skinhead scene. The longest running
Indonesian Oi! band is No Man’s Land. Founded in 1994 they are one of the pioneers in the
skinhead scene on Indonesia.
No Man's was founded by three friends in Malang, second largest city in East-Java: Fery, Didik
and Didit. All three of them pretty much liked the same music: no pop music, but underground punk
and Oi!. After finishing school the three friends formed No Man's Land in 1994. They took this
name from a war movie they all have seen.
When the band was founded the music was a sort of upbeat sing-a-long punkrock. After Didit
introduced them to Oi!-bands such as The Last Resort, The Oppressed and The Strike they
changed musical direction.
The first recordings were made on a very basic, simple equipment, but the band wasn't satisfied
with the result. Soon after the band re-recorded the songs which became their first demo. In 1996,
just before making new recordings, Catur joined the band on second guitar. During the following
year No Man's Land continued recording and started to create fan base throughout Asia.
In 1997, a label from Malaysia offered to release a split cassette a Malaysian punk band called
Karatz. In 1998 the band recorded a new album in a more professional studio than they used to do.
The full-length cassette 'Grow Away From The Society' was recorded during a live session. On this
new album they had a faster and more aggressive sound and more intense lyrics which had a lot to
do with the social and racial unrest at the time. One year later after No Man’s Land recorded
another album called 'All Together Now'. During that time the scene in Malang was growing bigger
and bigger and the band had gigs almost every weekend. Due to work commitments the band wasn't
able to play any abroad gigs.
In 2001 the band became quiet for a while. Most members got married and Didit got work out of
town. Times changed, the scene seemed to slow down and No Man’s Land were only playing once a
month. In 2005 Didit changed job and had more time for practising and live gigs. Now the band
became more active again they felt they had improved. The band earned the status of veterans in the
scene by now. The band recorded a song for the 'Anti Disco League' compilation released by The
Templars (New York Oi!-band) with a.o. Deadline and Crashed Out. After some delay No Man’s
Land’s released a new full-length called 'Scattered Around And Buried'. It became the band's first
release in Europe.
In early 2012 the band re-recorded 28 of their favourite tracks for the CD 'The Best Of 1994-2012'.
After recording in Indonesia the recordings were mixed and mastered in Europe. On this release No
Man’s Land has kept true to their roots, both lyrically and musically. No fuss, no mess, just pure
Indonesian Oi!

you can download nomansland_promokit at here -> download

No Man's Land - The Best Of 1994-2012

1. Healthy Man
2. A Man Against the World
3. Perfect Day
4. America
5. Rife With Rimors
6. Better Life
7. No Aim
8. Reputation
9. No Way Out
10. Bring Out
11. Proud With Our Life
12. Voice of Youth
13. May 98
14. Take pride
15. Farewell Nico
16. Here's the Boys
17. Depot 97
18. You and Me
19. Too Young to Fight
20. Brando's Future
21. Seven PM
22. Come and Go
23. Brother Wake Up!
24. Politics in Our Football
25. Two Faces
26. Oi! Oi! Music!
27. Good Night
28. The Way We Feel

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